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McLaren MP4 - 12C - Autocar Car of the Decade 2020


  • McLarens first production car since the F1

The MP4-12C is McLaren's first production car since the legendary McLaren F1. Designed by Frank Stephenson, who also styled the Ferrari F430, the MP4-12C was launched in 2011 and was built using a great deal of technology from McLaren's Formula One program. The 3.8 litre, bi-turbo, V8 is breathtaking, delivering 592bhp at 7,000rpm and 600Nm of torque. Combine that with a kerb weight of only 1,301kg (the comparable Ferrari 458 Italia weighs 1,380kg) and performance is simply sensational. A Formula One style carbon tub, known as a 'Carbon Mono Cell', forms the basis of the car's chassis and weighs just 80kg. In addition, the engine is mated to a seven-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox allowing for seamless gear changes. Even the name 'MP4-12C' is a homage to McLaren's Formula One history, as every chassis since 1981 has been labelled MP4.

The MP4-12C can sprint from 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds, however where the McLaren blows its rivals away is in acceleration to 125mph, only the Bugatti Veyron was faster, at just 8.9 seconds, compared to the 458 taking 10.4 seconds and it even beat Ferrari's Enzo. The beautifully engineered cantilever wing doors look fantastic but it's the McLaren ProActive Chassis Control (MPCC) that steals the show, a revolutionary set-up that puts the McLaren ahead of its rivals. On the left of the narrow centre console is a dial marked 'H' (for handling), which allows you to switch the suspension, steering and electronic stability control between Normal, Sport and Track modes. A similar dial on the right wears a 'P' (for powertrain) and it has the same modes to tweak the response of the gearshifts, engine and manage the sound of the power plant in the cabin. Thanks to the large brakes and the spectacular rear air brake flap, stopping power is superb. In addition to MPCC, the MP4-12C gets McLaren's rear-wheel Brake Steer system, which brakes the inside wheel, if necessary, to keep you on course. On the exit of tight bends, Brake Steer then also jumps in to minimise time-wasting wheel spin and correctional control inputs. Unbelievably for a car of this nature, the MP4-12C's fuel efficiency and emissions are also unbeatable in this class, emitting less CO₂ per horsepower than a Toyota Prius hybrid! The MP4-12C is a remarkable product from a remarkable company. It distils the values of the McLaren brand - technological expertise, efficiency and sheer speed - into a stunningly useable package.
This particular 2011 McLaren MP4-12C was ordered new in January 2011 and delivered to McLaren London in Knightsbridge ready for its first lucky owner. Finished in stunning Onyx metallic black coachwork with a carbon roof and black trim with matching alloy wheels and McLaren F1 red colour callipers. Boasting full electric memory seats, upgraded sound system and has benefitted from full PPF paint protection. This spectacular example has benefitted from McLaren main dealer services, the most recent with McLaren Ascot in November 2019 and four recent new tyres, stamps for all can be found within the service booklet. The car is in standard specification and supplied with a UK V5C registration document and MoT test certificate valid until November 2020. This represents an opportunity to own one of the world's more competent and seamless supercars, developed by one of the most innovative automotive manufacturers and is stunning value, in showroom condition this example wants for nothing.

McLaren MP4 - 12C - Autocar Car of the Decade 2020

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